Fuel Guarantee


John Deere is investing in new tools to help you better understand the cost of running and owning your tractor. Thanks to our Fuel Guarantee Programme we’re able to provide you with accurate data on the true cost of your machine. The fuel guarantee programme applies now to field applications and transport mode.

This will not only help you plan your budgets for the future, but it will also show you how you can minimise your costs. It’s what we call…Do More. Guaranteed.

Fuel Guarantee

Use more than our target fuel consumption and we'll refund the difference.

Efficiency Bonus

Use less than our target fuel consumption and we'll pay you a bonus of 2x the difference.

6R (4 and 6 cylinder), 7R, 8R Tractors

The fuel guarantee programme is available on 6R (4 and 6cyl), 7R and 8R Series tractors in transport applications.

Fuel Guarantee


Fuel costsDid you know that up to 50% of the total cost of ownership of your tractor are fuel expenses?

Reason enough for us to commit to continuously improving the fuel efficiency of our 6R (4 and 6 cyl), 7R and 8R tractors.

With excellent results, which we guarantee: for a full year, we’ll refund the difference between your actual fuel consumption during transport and our stated target fuel consumption.

The programme includes tips on optimal driving techniques, and if you use less than our target, we’ll pay you a bonus of twice the difference.


If you choose to join the programme, our FarmSight team have the technology to bring all the data to your fingertips. Thanks to JDLink telematics, you will have easy access to details on machine performance – fuel consumption, engine load utilisation, idle time and more. So you’ll identify the opportunities for improving efficiency, together with our FarmSight team if necessary.

And after that, if you find that your actual average fuel consumption in transport*** over the first year of use is still exceeding our target fuel consumption level, we will refund the difference. This, according to a defined formula: (average consumption*** – fuel consumption target) x hours*** x €/l diesel (defined on a country level).



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