Square Balers

L1500 Series

3 metre bale chamber
Pre-compressor chamber
Ease of operation
Double tie-knotting

Our range of John Deere L1500 Large Square Balers use simple technology that produces rock hard, super-dense, well shaped bales.

Whether baling a small windrow, a large bulky windrow, an uneven or uniform windrow the results are the same, consistency in every flake and solid, well shaped bales.

This consistency in bale shape and density improves bale handling, stacking and ease of transport and results in a more attractive bale to feed or sell.

The heart of the machine is the combination of a long baler chamber and high capacity plunger that works together to produce bales of constant density in any crop. Together with the bale chamber, double tie-knotters and high performance blower system, the production of perfectly formed bales is assured.