Large Tractors

7R Series

210 - 310 HP (155 - 228 kW)
Superb engine performance
Low operating costs
High field speed
Ultimate cab comfort

8R & 8RT Series

245 to 400 HP (180 to 294 kW)
Powerful engines
Active Command Steering
Primary & Secondary braking
Ultimate cab comfort

9R/9RT series

420 to 620 HP (309 to 456 kW)
Huge power intelligently applied
Ultimate cab comfort
Tracks available

9RX series

470 to 620 HP (346 to 456 KW)
Ultimate pulling power
4-tracks to the ground
Effortless steering
Ultimate cab comfort


Our large tractor range are perfect for modern large-scale farming calling for huge power which is intelligently applied.


'Field proven & road ready' our range of large tractors are suitable for heavy cultivation work right through to road haulage applications. High horse power levels are available up to 670.


John Deere is renowned for its superior build quality and unmatched reputation. Our large tractors offer breathtaking performance, the best cab in its class, optimum comfort, low cost of operation and maximum up-time. The support provided by Masons Kings as a John Deere dealer is second to none so you can purchase a tractor safe in the knowledge you will receive the best product support around. They also have fantastic re-sale value so when you are thinking about upgrading you have the peace of mind your John Deere tractor will hold its value.


There are a vast array of features which can be added to our large range of tractors to customise to your specific needs. High level of automation make this machinery intuitive and easy to operate. Tracks are available for specific models providing improved traction and ground pressure for pulling the heaviest of loads or making light work of cultivating, ploughing and planting.


A comfortable driver is safer, more alert and more productive. Cab suspension absorbs shock and unpleasant vibrations while seat belts which are are fitted to all our tractors as standard keep the driver secure. Roll over protection structure fitted to all cabs for complete protection if the machinery tips. 360 degree anti-glare windows and options for cameras for improved visibility whilst driving.