Small Tractors

5E 3cyl Series

55 to 75 HP (40.5 to 55 kW)
9 forward & 3 reverse speeds
Heavy lifting capacity up to 1.8 tonnes
2-wheel or 4-wheel drive options

5G Speciality Series

73 to 105 HP (54 to 77kW)
Tight turning radius
Big Power
Outstanding hydraulic performance
Comfortable cab

5M Series

75 to 115 HP (55 to 85 kW)
Great loader
Powerful delivery

5R Series

90 to 125 HP (66.6 to 91.9 kW)
Brimming with power
Loaded with features
Great front loader

6M Series

95 to 115 HP (70 to 85 kW)
Compact dimensions
Powerful loader

6R Series

95 tp 115 HP (70 to 85 kW)
Compact dimensions
Powerful loader


Small tractors have a varied range of used from small holder yard duties right through to general farm work. These tractors have horse power up to 135 and have the engineering expertise to meet the basic needs of all smaller scale farmers.


The small tractor has evolved drastically and is now brimming with power and loaded with features for versatility and comfort. Maneuverability is key with these small but powerful beasts.


John Deere is renowned for its superior build quality and unmatched reputation. Their range of small tractors have a wide variety of accessories and in particular make superb tractor loaders. The support provided by Masons Kings as a John Deere dealers is second to none so you can purchase a tractor safe in the knowledge you will receive the best product support around. They also have fantastic re-sale value so when you are thinking about upgrading you have the peace of mind your John Deere tractor will hold its value.


Our small tractor range has all the features, capability and qualities of larger tractors but in a more compact and maneuverable form. 4 wheel drive and power steering come as standard allowing for easy operation and a turning radius of 3.75m. 3 point linkage allows all attachments to be used from any brands. Comfortable cab or OOS (open operator station) keep drivers content during short or long journeys.


Roll over protection structure fitted to all cabs for complete protection if the machinery tips. Non cab machinery is fitted with a roll bar for driver protection and seat belts are fitted to all our tractors as standard.