Two main types of hedge trimmers are long reach or short reach. The long reach, which model numbers start with "HL" are designed for tall hedges or hard to reach areas. The short reach "HS" are quick, lighter and easy to maneuver to get a great shape in the shrubs. Within the long reach and short reach range, they vary in anti-vibration and body protection.


The model of hedge trimmer to buy all depends on your requirements. The bigger models are designed for large areas, being used regularly and for long periods of time. The entry level machines are meant for in-frequent use and shorter working times. We will help to find the machine to fit your requirements.



The features vary between models, but common elements you'll find on the Stihl Hedgetrimmers are anti-vibration systems around the engine, blade guards to prevent debris and rubbish causing damage to the moving parts of the blade, and ErgoStart - a nice smooth motion of the pull chord to start the machine up.


Our support is personalised to your needs. At the point of deciding what machine you need, we'll be there to assist in your decision. After purchase, we will talk you through the machine in detail covering all areas, such as how to use it and how to maintain it. On a rare occasion there is an underlying problem that only highlights itself when the machine is in use. If this happens - don't worry. Talk to us and we'll get the ball rolling to resolve the problem.