Pressure Washers and Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners


Our Stihl Pressure Washers range is cold water, electric powered machines only. This gives the user comfort in knowing the machine can be used anywhere, with any job. They vary in size and run time duration. For a basic level, patio cleaning job, a simple entry level RE88 will be suffient. But if the job in hand requires long duration of use and more pressure a higher level model will be required.


The features vary between models of pressure washers. Some come with additional nozzles which produce a different type of water distribution while others have a rugged hose reel on the top to keep the hose from tangling in storage.


Some of the models come with an integrated cleaning-solution pump to evenly mix the water and cleaning chemical while spraying. The quantity of solution can be adjusted to give an even coating of soap before washing down with clean water to leave a shiny clean finish.


The Stihl design teams work closely with dealers and customers to ensure they hit the targets and expectations of their customers. With durability and reliability at the for-front of the design, the Stihl pressure washers are hard to beat. The units come with 3 year warranty to a normal residential user and Commercial users have 1 year warranty. With 000's of spare parts in stock behind our walls we'll keep you going in the busy season.


Our support is personalised to your needs. At the point of deciding what machine you need, we'll be there to assist in your decision. After purchase, we will talk you through the machine in detail covering all areas, such as how to use it and how to maintain it. On a rare occasion there is an underlying problem that only highlights itself when the machine is in use. If this happens - don't worry. Talk to us and we'll get the ball rolling to resolve the problem.