Kombi 'Multi-Tool' System


The Kombi System is great for gardeners and contractors. With the purchase of an engine, you can buy a strimmer attachment for grass management, and then for half the price of a dedicated one you could purchase a hedge trimmer and have a long reach machine to sort the hedge rows. The key is multi tool, if you require 2 or 3 machines, then Kombi Systems may be the way forward for you.


The attachments are designed to be easy to swap. All tools require no tools to swap - just loosen the attachment grip, take the old one out and slot the new attachment in.


The Kombi Systems are designed and tested to withstand long periods of use. The engines are tuned to give maximum performance throughout their life and deliver the same strength and power 2 years down the line.


The features on the Kombi Systems are very important when looking to buy your first machine. The engines come with either loop handle or cow-horn handle design. This will be important if you require any work above your head! If you're looking for hedgetrimming or a pole pruner - a loop handle would be better. If you need it for low level ground work, then cow-horn handle would be more suitable for more control. All the tools are well balanced in order to give the user an enjoyable experience. All the engines come with a harness to support the weight.


Our support is personalised to your needs. At the point of deciding what machine you need, we'll be there to assist in your decision. After purchase, we will talk you through the machine in detail covering all areas, such as how to use it and how to maintain it. On a rare occasion there is an underlying problem that only highlights itself when the machine is in use. If this happens - don't worry. Talk to us and we'll get the ball rolling to resolve the problem.