Winter Top Tips

Show your lawn mower a little love this Winter.

Ever heard of the phrase prevention is better than cure? It’s the same with your mower maintenance! Booking your mower in for regular services, much like your car, will help it run longer, be more efficient and help the environment.


Regular services will save you money, time and a lot of frustration in the long run.  Having a mower which is in good condition is a key component to having a lawn that is beautiful and healthy. 


Performing regular, low-cost maintenance during the life-time of your machine tends to end up being less expensive than waiting until a big repair job is needed. Oil and filter changes, fresh spark plugs, clean flywheels, sharpened blades, and well-cleaned decks will help your mower perform better and last longer.


A loved tuned-up lawn mower has improved fuel economy and can use up to a third less fuel than one that hasn’t been maintained properly. This can add up to big savings during the year, especially if you have a larger lawn.


Masons Kings, the garden machinery specialists for the South West have a Winter Servicing Offer which can assist you in preparing your mower for its Winter rest to make sure it is ready for next spring.  Their Expert Check Winter Service is currently 12.5% off parts and labour costs making it even more affordable to love your lawn mower this Winter. As an approved dealer Masons Kings have parts for all brands of machines.


Once you’ve got your lawn mower in shape for the season, you can get to business creating some serious garden magic and making your garden the envy of all your neighbours.


Speak to Masons Kings for advise on mower maintenance or to book their Winter Service Offer with 12.5% off by calling 01626 852 140 or visit their branches in Somerset (TA22 9BL), Devon (TQ13 0BY) or Cornwall (TR9 6DH).