Get Connected, My Operations Centre

So you have all this information recorded, now what to do with it next? Log into and take a look at John Deere’s Operation Centre, its absolutely FREE!

Managing your business effectively has got easier, utilising the products and services that John Deere have created, allowing you to be in control of your farm from any device, from farm office to field.

Operation Centre is your personal online portal, enabling remote management of your machines, applications and business whether your are in the field or sat at your kitchen table. Your business is only as good as your last results, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Operation Centre makes it easy to access your data and documentation, for everyone from your farm manager, your contracting customers, all the way through to your agronomist. By wirelessly transferring your data or transferring the data from your screens back to myjohndeere you can view yield history with the ability to view and compare yields  year on year to improve on your planning and profitability. View and compare the time line on your application maps along with data to improve your business profitability.

Its so easy to view and optimise your operations where ever you are. Machine flags allow you to connect easily to your machines and operators. Location history lets you keep track of where your fleet have been. Route planning allows you to plan your next move to increase efficiency and reduce

JDLink gives you the freedom to remotely manage your equipment, accessing your connected machines location, hours and maintenance planning as well as the ability of setting a geofence suitable for you and your machine. Service Advisor Remote and Remote Display Access means that Masons Kings can assist you from the office as a first call to save on call out fees and unnecessary trips as well as assisting with making sure the technician has the right parts for the job. Upgrade your subscription to Connect and you can view fuel consumption, machine utilisation, machine diagnostics and settings as well as machine productivity data.

The benefits are evident; lower fuel costs, reduced fertiliser, seed and chemical usage, higher productivity and profitability. And considerably less stress for the operator.

All our guidance systems are integrated to work seamlessly with easy ‘plug and play’ technology and they’re designed to work with all leading brands of tractors and machinery! John Deere technology meets industry wide standards so you can still enjoy the benefits even if you have a mixed fleet.

My OperationsJohn Deere have launched MyOperationsTM as a mobile app so you can now easily access all your data on the go!

Available to download now on Apple and Android, the app allows you to take control and remotely manage your field operations and equipment from your smart phone.

The MyOperationsTM app connects with John Deere Operation Centre. Powered by an easy, reliable connection between you and your machines through JD Link Connect, the app allows you to monitor completed field activities that occurred today and yesterday to determine the productivity and quality of each field for a given operation like Seeding, Application, Harvest, and Tillage.

The MyOperations™ app is truly your solution to viewing your machine and agronomic data anytime and anywhere. Access to understanding your farm helps you proactively manage your day to improve logistics and productivity, as well as increasing confidence that your jobs are being executed as planned.

Below you can see a selection of screenshots from the app....

My Operations App Screenshots


Download the app on Apple or Android now.

If you need any support using the app, our FarmSight team are here to help, call them on 01626 852 140 or e-mail