John Deere Guidance Systems

John Deere AutoTrac Integrated System reduces gaps and overlaps so that input costs and fuel consumption are reduced, while the work rate is increased.

AutoTracDepending on the application you can expect input savings of up to 8% depending on the application and, up to 14% productivity increase.

Because precision is assured, tasks can be completed in a shorter time and always with the same level of accuracy.

The operator, relieved of the stress and fatigue of steering, can concentrate on implement management and performance, all of which is good news for the productivity of your operations.

Integrated AutoTrac is available for all 6M and 6R/7R/8R/9R Series John Deere tractors, sprayers, combines and forage harvesters. Easily master straight, curved and circle tracks and work comfortably in low-visibility conditions. Once you have experienced the benefits of AutoTrac you will never want to go back.