The Orange Elephant Ice Cream Parlour Maize Maze

With Maize Maze’s and Farm Park’s becoming more and more popular, we wanted to show case how Precision Technology can save time and money in the process of planting and creating the maze.

Maize Maze


Traditionally there are a variety of ways of cutting out the maze once planted, this includes strimming or mowing the paths by hand. This results in wasted money on seed, as well as the time spent cutting the paths.

Once our FarmSight team had mapped the field, the map of the maze was designed and digitised so we could upload the map onto the 4600 Command Centre Display in the tractor via the myjohndeere platform.



To ensure maximum accuracy, the StarFire 6000 Receiver was upgraded to SF3 signal, giving an accuracy of +/-3cm. The final piece of the jigsaw was the Vaderstad Tempo V8 Row Planter. The Tempo Planter allows the Section Control to work at its best with fully independent modules.

With the combination of AutoTrac and Section Control in the tractor and the advanced technology of the Tempo allowed them to work in harmony, with the tractor communicating with the drill when to switch on and off each row to create the finished masterpiece.

Vaderstad Drill


Growth of the maize has been good, particular as we have had wet then warm weather. We have flown a drone above the maze and you can really see it taking shape...



The maze is set to open from Friday 19th July and we are excited to see what you all think!

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