Metos trackers and Weather Stations

Masons Kings FarmSight team are now happy to offer Metos Trackers and Weather Stations.

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Metos Trackers

iMETOS® Object Tracker is an automatic tracking system used on non-powered objects such as farm implements. It does not need a permanent power supply and can thus be mounted on any object. The enclosed battery allows for at least 2000 position transmissions. To optimise power consumption the position data is sent to FieldClimate platform only when the object is moved*.

*The Object tracker continuously checks the GPS position while it is moving. When the movement stops for more than a minute – 2 consequent GPS readings return the same position, it detects the ‘persistent’ location of the object and sends the data to the FieldClimate platform.

Helps you track:
• Where, when and how much the object or farm implement has been used.
• Allows the optimisation of preventive maintenance, enables automatic documentation and helps set up pricing for renting equipment.
• Automatic theft control of assets by setting up an invisible “fence”.


Weather Tracker


Weather Stations

Pessl Instruments is a global organisation with over 45,000 weather stations working worldwide to monitor various environments. For more than 35 years, Pessl Instruments have been developing intelligent farming solutions and a digital decision support system to help farmers and landowners improve the quality of their crop, increase yield and reduce waste, resulting in increased ROI.

Pessl have developed a complete range of wireless, solar powered monitoring systems under the METOS® brand, and an online platform, FieldClimate, which can be used in various industries from agriculture to research, hydrology, meteorology, flood warning and more.

As a global partner with John Deere, data from the METOS field stations can be easily integrated into the John Deere Operations centre. This ensures that farmers and growers have the most complete overview of their business covering both field and machinery performance.

The iMETOS range of field stations are solar and battery powered data loggers with rain gauge and sensors for temperature, humidity and leaf wetness. Data from these sensors is collectively monitored and analysed in the FieldClimate platform to determine disease pressure in many arable crops, such as Septoria in wheat, Sclerotinia in OSR and blight in potatoes. Identifying disease pressure early enables agronomists and farm managers to make accurate and informed decisions on product choice and application timing.

Weather Stations


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