Precision feeding to get the best from your livestock

BVL livestock diet feeders are easy to use, precise with mixing and save you time particularly when feeding large herds.

BVL feeder wagons are made in Germany using high quality, hard wearing steel giving them a guaranteed long working life which is vital when these machines are used daily. The high performance all-round mixing auger can mix everything from large round or square bales of silage, straw and hay, as well as maize, meal and minerals. 



A uniquely designed auger and hopper shape carries out both the chopping and mixing functions to ensure both an extremely fast and efficient mixing process. The output is a totally uniform mix with even the smallest ingredients being evenly distributed throughout the mix. Adjustable counter knives can be used to control the chopping intensity to get the desired feed size and consistency.BVL

The BVL mixing process produces an accurate and consistent mixed ration every time, so even expensive and fine textured purchased feed ingredients are evenly distributed through the mix putting an end to selective eating by your animals.

The mixer wagons are available in a wide range of capacities varying from 3.5 up to 46 cubic metres. The mixing hopper is attached to a strong full chassis with hydraulic trailer brakes to ensure complete safety and reliability. 

The V-Mix plus models are available to demo at your farm with Masons Kings. They will provide full instruction and tuition as to how these diet feeders operate and the key benefits for your livestock. You will then have use of the BVL diet feed for a few days so you can really see the benefits not only for yourself but how the precise feeding will get the most from your livestock.

Contact us on 01398 322 140 to book a free demo on your farm.

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