Introducing the NEW 9000 Series SPFH

Building on the success of the high quality 8000 Series John Deere have launched the 9000 Series Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters!

Our team attended the launch of the new 9000 Series to fully experience their capabilities and share what is under the panels of these brand new machines.

9000 SPFH


Featuring new engines, a new flagship model, fresh styling and model numbers were are impressed with the new range of self-propelled foragers.

The 9000 Series will provide 10% more output for 10% less input.

It will be 10% more productive while consuming 10% less fuel – compared to its existing top-of-the-range machines.

The four new self-propelled forage harvester models – from 625 to 970hp, included in the series are:

Model Engine Power (maximum)
9600 13.5 litre, S6, Deere 625 HP
9700 24 litre, V12 Liebherr 770 HP
9800 24 litre, V12, Liebherr 870 HP
9900 24 litre, V12 Liebherr 970 HP

The introduction of a new top model, the 9900 series see's John Deere's chopper range extended to 950 HP. The more powerful forager is a reflection of the changing trend towards bigger machinery to get the work done in less time with less passes.

The foragers have undergone a subtle outward design tweak too but as before still have within the range narrow body and wide body machines. At the heart of the three biggest models – the 9700, 9800 and 9900 – is a powerful 24.2L V12 Liebherr engine.