Our first Fuel Guarantee participant receives over £600

We’re delighted to share the results from our first Fuel Guarantee participant, Sampson Agri Services.

Sampson agricultural services are arable farmers and contractors based in south Devon, they undertake all types of contacting work across the south west but specialise in variable rate lime spreading, Drilling and Straw processing, all making them heavy users of fuel and a perfect candidate for the fuel guarantee programme. 

Mark and his team have worked hard to improve fuel efficiency with their John Deere tractors and for their efforts have received £624.64 from John Deere for their efforts.

Fuel Guarantee
Mark Sampson, Sampson Agri Services receiving his cheque from our FarmSight team and Oliver Beekes from John Deere


Sampson Agri Services signed up to the Fuel Guarantee programme 12 months ago and they, along with our FarmSight team have been tracking, using JDLink, their new John Deere 6250R tractor’s actual fuel consumption in transport mode. We’re delighted the total fuel consumption has exceeded the John Deere target level and Sampson Agri will receive this payment.

Not only does the Fuel Guarantee Programme offer an incentive to customers for reducing the fuel consumption of their tractor it also shows the true potential to improve efficiency and reduce emissions.

Masons Kings and John Deere take their responsibility to the environment very seriously. As well as aiming to make the fuel consumption of the tractor lower, the Fuel Guarantee Programme also makes a significant contribution to reducing emissions – which is good news for the environment.

Fuel Guarantee


It is reported approximately 50 per cent of the cost of ownership is spent on fuel. To make the Guarantee even more robust as of 1 November 2018, the Fuel Guarantee Programme will apply to field as well as road work. This is great news for any owners of new John Deere 6R, 7R and 8R Series six-cylinder tractors as they will be eligible to take part in the extended programme, which as you can see rewards customers financially for fuel-efficient driving.

We'd like to say a big thank you to Mark Sampson & the team at Sampson Agri Services, Arable Farmers, Agricultural & Plant Machinery Contractors for letting us share these results.