Precision mixing and feeding solutions for the South West

BVL offer an extensive range of livestock diet feeders and unloading solutions which are all available from Masons Kings.



BVL have been manufacturing since 1978, made in Germany, they are renowned for using high quality, hard wearing steel giving them a guaranteed long working life which is vital when these machines are used daily. Combined with the first-class customer service and product support, from Masons Kings, together they offer an unrivalled proposition for farmers and contractors across the South West. 

The product range includes external loaders, self-loaders, self-propelled mixer wagons, stationary mixers shear grabs and countless variation options to find the right solution to fit your needs perfectly.


BVL feeder insideThe high-performance all-round mixing auger can mix everything from large round or square bales of silage, straw and hay, as well as maize, meal and minerals.

A uniquely designed auger and hopper shape carries out both the chopping and mixing functions to ensure both an extremely fast and efficient mixing process. The output is a totally uniform mix with even the smallest ingredients being evenly distributed throughout the mix.

BVL largeThe mixer wagons are available in a wide range of capacities varying from 3.5 up to 46 cubic metres. The mixing hopper is attached to a strong full chassis with hydraulic trailer brakes to ensure complete safety and reliability. 

There are countless options available including coupling type, scale systems and camera systems as well as changing the aesthetics to a colour of your choice!


Shear GrabBVL Shear Grabs are the perfect tool to remove large amounts of material and still leave behind smooth silage faces. They use 3-part, bolted, V-shaped knives to make it possible to achieve clean cuts.

The rugged construction ensures that operation is almost completely maintenance-free, allowing you to save both cost and time. BVL shear grabs are suitable for front and rear installation.


bvlAvailable to try on your farm our 20-2S demonstrator has a large 20 cubic metre capacity.

The two speed gearboxes are fitted for smaller tractors to drive the machine and the flexibility of different rations.

Both gearboxes are shear bolt protected. It is also available in Multi-Drive which allows individual gear boxes to be engaged while the other is in neutral and to have different speeds on each auger – complete control for you to create the perfect feed blend for your animals.