Masons Kings at the forefront of John Deere technology in the South West

John Deere agricultural and turf dealership in the South West of England Masons Kings is adding value to its own and customers’ businesses through the introduction of the company’s latest Precision Ag and Connected Support technology.

FarmSightThis technology, which brings real benefits to agricultural customers, provides industry leading data collection and transfer systems to help improve business efficiencies and make substantial cost savings.

Masons Kings has been a leading John Deere dealership in the South West for over 30 years and is continuing to grow a successful business in step with the advances in technology now being made, even during a turbulent 2020 with Brexit and COVID-19.

Experts in the industry for over 30 years, Masons Kings is also one of John Deere’s leading UK dealerships and remains a family-led business, which can be experienced by customers working with its teams. The commitment of the staff encourages great loyalty from customers, who enjoy the working partnership between themselves, the dealership and John Deere.

JOEDY IBBOTSON, Division Sales Manager at John Deere Limited, adds:

“Masons Kings is one of our leading John Deere dealerships in the UK and we are proud to partner with them to sell and service the John Deere brand in South West England. Masons Kings is particularly strong in developing and maintaining customer relationships, and works extremely hard to provide premium product support.

“The dealership has grabbed hold of our business strategy, to add value to customer businesses by integrating the latest Connected Support technology wherever possible to improve performance, uptime and operating costs. Masons Kings has also invested in its
team by hiring skilled people to enhance the customer experience. They are now able to offer a tailored solution to support individual customer needs, which is vital in today’s complex and demanding agricultural industry. 

“We would like to congratulate Masons Kings on its ongoing success and for the great work it does across the South West area. We thoroughly enjoy working in partnership with the dealership, its teams and customers. “thoroughly enjoy working in partnership with Masons Kings, their teams and their customers.”

Masons Kings


PETER ENDACOTT, General Manager at Masons Kings commented, “We’re proud to be a John Deere dealership for the South West, selling and servicing many great brands of machinery to Agricultural, Commercial and Domestic Turf customers.”

Masons Kings remain a family led business which can be experienced by customers working with their teams. The commitment of staff drives loyalty from customers who enjoy the partnership working between themselves, Masons Kings and John Deere.

Peter commented “We now have the best product range we have ever had, offering the best options, value and variety. This is backed up by our team of expert technicians who provide first class product support for parts, servicing, and repairs across the South West. We make sure you get the most from your machine to ensure it works for you.”

“Technology in the industry is key and John Deere provides the best user-friendly technology solutions in the market, which we are also proud to offer our customers. Our FarmSight team works closely with customers to deliver a bespoke solution that brings the most reward for their business. This has enabled us to add real value to our customers’ operations by integrating the technology and supporting them throughout.”


Masons Kings have provided remote support through JDLink and their connected tractors. John Deere Remote Display Access and Expert Alerts has allowed Masons Kings FarmSight team to monitor tractor performance and fuel performance when being used in different tasks. Recommendations have been made to improve performance and utilising John Deere’s Fuel Guarantee Program the tractors are performing better than the recommended fuel usage target.

NM Farley & Sons



The Palmer family have been a longstanding customer of Masons Kings and have recently upgraded their previous 7450 SPFH to a new 8500i. The new model came equipped with JDLink and, being i spec, yield monitors. The family have been utilising the
yield monitoring system to not only monitor the performance of each field, but to make sure the correct amount goes to each clamp, to help avoid transporting silage between farms. 

They have trialled the HarvestLab 3000 and have been very impressed with the level of data that it provides and the insights into the field performance that the naked eye cannot see. Then, working with Masons Kings FarmSight Specialist Dan Wood to look at the
data generated from the forager alongside other field data in the John Deere Operations Centre.

After seeing the benefits of JDLink on their forager, the family decided to install retrofit JDLink kits to more of the fleet. This has allowed the tractors to be signed up to Expert Alerts and remote diagnostics as well as allowing the Masons Kings FarmSight team to remotely access the displays (RDA) for remote help using the technology and finally for wirelessly sending operation data back into their MyJohnDeere account.

FG Palmer



The Govier Family have been using John Deere’s Ag Management Systems (AMS) since 2012 and now see the AutoTrac and the associated systems as integral to their businesses. The team was an early adopter of the MyJohnDeere platform and has seen it as an essential business tool.

All farm operations are recorded either through the tractor display or the MyOperations app. This has allowed John full traceability of operation dates and products used as well as quantities applied. 

Adding the 732i Sprayer into the business has also allowed the team to easily record spray and liquid fertiliser applications utilising the ISOBUS connection through to the 4600 Command Centre Display. The application data is sent wirelessly through JDLink back to the Operations Centre for further analysis and reporting.




The Shilston family first have been using Autotrac since 2011. To the present date they have been utilising the John Deere Univeral Autotrac (ATU) retrofit steering wheel, allowing them to easily move the AutoTrac system from tractor to tractor. On the recently purchased 6140M, Brian opted to purchase the tractor with integrated AutoTrac and now runs a second ATU300 package across his two other tractors.

The new 6140M has also arrived with factory fit JDLink. This has allowed Masons Kings to actively monitor the tractor and limit downtime through the Expert Alert system. Going forward, Brian has started to upload data to his MyJohnDeere account, both manually from this Gen 4 4240 display and wirelessly via JDLink on the new 6140M. Over time this will allow Brian to record operation data and view and report on these operations for his records.