The South West - 8RX

A local customer has recently made a purchase of one of John Deere's flagship models. Below we see a video on his new 8RX direct drilling a combination of rape seeds in the long shruble to help protect the plant in early growth, as you can see the tractor creates hardly any damage to the crop. 

One of the main advantages on the 8RX is the reduced soil compaction and damage. 

The 8RX’s front axle and back end are both completely different to a standard 8R, and the configuration of these means it sits considerably higher off the ground.

This extra height means drive from the axles can go directly to the tracks’ drive wheels, without the need for any additional gearboxes. It also means the front tracks can tuck under the chassis to deliver that tight turning circle. It also boasts a larger and quieter cab with features such as Apple car play.

Below are some more technical facts.


The sleek flowing new design of the 8RX has come from a design agency that usually works with BMW. The changes are also internal with changes to the air con and the addition of surround sound and a 16cm screen.  

This is a truly incredible Tractor and a privilege to be able to deliver to a local Devon farm.

*RX at depot