AMS & FarmSight

Farming is becoming more complex and is demanding long-term focus and dedication no matter what the seasons may bring. As an approved John Deere dealer for the South West, we have a solution to help!

Our new specialist team provide Agricultural Management Solutions to support farmers to overcome their increasing demands, not only today but as they look to the future.



Our new team of Agricultural Management Solution (AMS) Specialists use break-through technology to provide support in the following areas:                                                  

  • UPTIME - remote machine diagnostics and servicing cuts out wasted service trips, improves first time fix and maximises uptime in the field.
  • PERFORMANCE - Optimises your engine performance, machine usage and fuel consumption to get the best from every machine.       
  • LOGISTICS - Increases the efficiency of larger fleets by eliminating unproductive idle times.
  • AGRONOMICS - Supports better business decisions with clear information on input to help boost profitability.                                                                                           

The team use real-time machine and field data and the provision of seamless connectivity between machines, operators and fields to open up significant opportunities. John Deere AMS, RTK , GreenStar™ and Masons Kings FarmSight create a complete Integrated package for precision data management and control of your farm equipment.

AMS brings together wireless communications and precision farming using satellite guidance systems, remote monitoring technology, performance analytics and agronomic decision support brought together in an intuitive easy to use way.  This service will help you get the most from your field recordings and data management. Efficiency is money and optimising farming technology available will save money, maximise output & productivity to get the most out of the season.

AMS Technology

All Masons Kings systems are integrated to work seamlessly with easy ‘plug and play’ technology and they’re not just designed to be green and yellow either! John Deere technology meets industry wide standards so you can still enjoy the benefits even if you have a mixed fleet.

Our FarmSight specialists are able to work with the customers agronomist to further optimise inputs and outputs.

Find out how our AMS Specialists can support you call us on 01626 852 140 or e-mail us.