Cylinder Sharpening

We have 2 excellent packages, suitable for Golf, Commercial and Domestic machinery or all makes and models.

This includes:

  • Fairway mowers
  • Hard cylinder mowers
  • Greens mowers
  • Triple reel mowers
  • Commercial cylinder mowers

Fully Monty Package

Bring your complete cutting unit into us and we will, disassemble, grind, reassemble and fully set up for you, ready to use.

  • Clean all essential Full Monty parts
  • Grinding of the main unit
  • Relief grind
  • Health check of the bearings and advise if any need replacing
  • Set up the unit to your specified height of cut
  • Parallel rollers set to the cutter unit
  • Groomers and power brushes set up
  • Grease unit
  • Bottom blades and screws changed*
  • Protective coat added to cylinder and bottom blade to prevent rusting

*additional charges may apply depending on blade and unit type

Sharpen Up

Sharpen Up

Bring your cutting unit into us with the bottom block removed so we can easily access the blades like this...


Our team of experts will spin grind the cylinder and grind the bottom blade to get it back to sharp.

Relief Grind

  • Reduce the contact pressure between the reel and bed-knife surfaces, offering a "relief" to the engine or mechanism powering the reel
  • Makes the profile of each reel blade thinner so that there is less metal to metal contact between the reel and knife-bed blade
  • Improve performance of the machine by reducing the mechanical stress with a relief grind
Sharpen Up


Do you have a Wood Chipper that needs its blades sharpening?

Take a look at the packages we can offer below:



Bring your complete wood chipper into us and we will disassemble, sharpen, reassemble and fully set up for you, ready to use! 

Prices start from £120* +VAT per unitpp

The package includes:

  • Clean all essential parts
  • Health check of the bearings and advise if any need replacing
  • Set up the unit and torque bolts to the manufacturer's specification 
  • Grease the unit
  • Change blade bolts if necessary 
  • Protective coat applied to blades after sharpening to prevent rusting


Bring your wood chipper blades into us with the blades removed from your machine and our experts will sharpen the blades to the specified manufacturer's angle to get woodthem back to being sharp. 


For only £35+ VAT for a pair of blades

If you're booking in more than 6 pairs of blades, you can receive a discount! 


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