Round Balers

F400 Series

High capacity feeding system
High Capacity 13 OR 25 Knife Precutter Rotors
Roller Bearing Sealing
Powerful pickups

Variable chambers

The balers of the G, M and R series are versatile round balers - exactly what you need
High capacity, high performance
High Capacity Rotor
Adjustable bale diameter
Hands-free unplugging with wide hydraulic drop-floor (R models)


Wrapping chamber baler
Tandem or single axle
Easy to use monitoring system
Excellent in all kinds of crops
Can produce up to 80 perfect bales per hour

John Deere fixed chamber round balers use simple technology that produces rock hard, super-dense, well shaped bales. Whether baling a small windrow, a large bulky windrow, an uneven or uniform windrow the results are the same, consistency in every flake and solid, well shaped bales.

This consistency in bale shape and density improves bale handling, stacking and ease of transport and results in a more attractive bale to feed or sell.

Designed and engineered to deliver excellent in-field performance, our John Deere balers are legendary for quality and reliability.