Robo Flail Mowers

The Robo Flail are a range of remotely operated mowers designed for difficult and steep areas. Operated remotely this mower is perfect for commercial mowing.

Robo Flail


It has the ability to operate at up to 45 degrees on banks and the machine comes with the option of two types of deck to suit the area. The operator uses an easily portable control module which means they can be up to 300 metres distant. This allows the operator to not need to stand on the steep or rough terrain the Robo Flail is working on making it safer to operate. There is the added benefit of removal of hand-arm vibration issues for the operator as the mower doesn't need to be touched when operating.

An feature which has been added to the RoboFlail is the RoboVario. This features an out-front category 1 three point linkage assembly, so that existing attachments such as post-hole augers, snow or dozer blades, stump grinders or snow blowers can be fitted, to allow vital work on areas otherwise deemed inaccessible.

This makes the Robo Flail a very versatile, safe mower to be used in difficult and steep areas whilst keeping your operator safe.


Maintenance of these machines is very simple and is no different to any other grass cutting machine. Daily checks you should be doing include air filter, engine oil, keep the machine clean, grease points on the spindle housing on the cutter deck and grease points on the lift of your deck going up and down. Even though it is a remote control machine the maintenance is no more than a conventional grass cutting machine.


They have a 2 bar blades per spindle which comes straight off the machine and straight through a cutter bolt, based on the SCAG cutter deck which is a very well established deck and has been around a long time. You can put a grinder on the blades to put a sharp edge back on them and they'll just slide back under your machine easily.


The receiver and the handset are married so work together in harmony and do not effect any other machinery working on remote controls. There are 64 channels on the electronic system so you could have 64 Robo Flails working at the same time and they won't interfere with each other. Everything is controlled by you handset - deck height, throttle speed, forward speed, turning so there is no need to go anywhere near the machine when it is working.


There is a battery on the handset which can work for 12 hours so you can work all day long without charging. The machine comes with a spare battery too as well as a normal 3 point plug charger and an in-vehicle charger for on the go.