Stihl are world famous for their chainsaw range, supplying a vast proportion of the market.

But they also supply a premium level of strimmers, hedge trimmers, and other hand tools. Within each showroom there are over 12 meters of Stihl display racking to present your machines and enable you to get hands-on with the product before purchase. The chainsaws are positioned going up in the range and value, so you can easily identify your options.


We supply the complete range of Stihl Chainsaws. We dedicated ourselves to the Stihl brand, which gives our customers a more simple solution to timber management. We stock between the basic entry level saw and the full-blown heavy duty commercial machines with engine management systems integrated into it. They vary between 10 inch and 48 inch in bar size. Don't be confused by the options, our sales team will go through how to choose your perfect saw.


A common question when buying a chainsaw to be asked is what bar size you're looking for. To a first-time-saw-buyer, this may be a weird question to answer. The reason we ask is this will narrow your choice of models down to only a few - much easier than 10+. The bar size can be determine by the size of the wood you want to cut and the frequency of use. Visit us in store for help choosing the perfect chainsaw.


Our sales team have had the privilege to visit the Stihl factories in Austria. To see the design process, how they're built and how they're tested has strengthened our belief that Stihl are one of the premium brands on the market. To this day, Stihl are the only chainsaw manufacturer that produce their own chains as well.


Chainsaws are possibly one of the most dangerous petrol powered hand tools on the market. It is filled with key safety features to protect you but with all machinery sensible, knowledgeable use is also required. The main safety feature which you will notice is the "blade brake lever". This prevents the chain spinning if the chainsaw rears upwards towards the user. Another subtle feature is the sprockets around the chain drive which are designed to grip the chain even with saw dust mixed in so there is no risk of the chain flying off the gears while being used.


For 90% of the chainsaws the user does not need a licence. There are some specialist saws that we would insist we see evidence of tree-surgery certification. But, that doesn't mean you should not seek professional training with any chainsaw purchase. The more you respect the chainsaw, the safer you'll be. We can point you in the right direction if you're seeking chainsaw training.


Our support is personalised to your needs. At the point of deciding what machine you need, we'll be there to assist in your decision. After purchase, we will talk you through the machine in detail covering all areas, such as how to use it and how to maintain it. On a rare occasion there is an underlying problem that only highlights itself when the machine is in use. If this happens - don't worry. Talk to us and we'll get the ball rolling to resolve the problem.