Strimmers & Brushcutters


The first question we would ask you in the showroom is what sort of material are you cutting? Strange - but important! If you're looking for a machine to trim round the edge of your garden after the mower has been round then a small compact FS40 strimmer would be idea. If you've got brambles and overgrown weeds to cut down then you would need more power and more durability which is when you would look at an FS91 for example. The commercial teams would require anti-vibration and the ability to put a saw blade on the end which is definately higher up the range. So from identifying your ground conditions, you can identify 1 or 2 machines that would suit your requirements perfectly!


Stihl strimmers and brushcutters have been manufactured and in the market for years. With constant product testing and development, the engines and components are being modified as our requirements develop and expand. The M-Tronic engines with auto-choke systems enable the engine to adapt to its working environment and perform better in harder conditions.


The main difference between a strimmer & a brushcutter is durability and strength. There are several models in the range and each one is designed for a particular type of environment. A machine to trim round the edges of gardens and will takle grass only is definitely a strimmer. Lightweight, short for smaller areas and easy to handle without proper harnesses. When you look at a brushcutter, this type of machine can handle a metal blade instead of strimmer chord. The great advantage of a metal blade is you don't waste meters of strimmer chord on abrasive material where a metal blade will chomp away at it with minimal distruption. A clearing saw is definately a commercial machine. Anti-vibration, quick adjustable handle position, larger fuel tank, M-Tronic engine for quick, reliable start-up. It can handle chissle tooth saw blades for more resistant material and is designed for long periods of use.


There are only certain models that can handle a metal blade. Any model above an FS91 has a metal shaft running through the machine, which is far more efficient for a blade at the end. All models below the FS91 have a plastic, flexible shaft which can be used with a blade but won't have the strength and power compared to a metal shaft'd machine. The blade and head are easily swapped with the right tools to hand. This is a quick procedure and will be demonstrated in the showroom to you on request.


Our support is personalised to your needs. At the point of deciding what machine you need, we'll be there to assist in your decision. After purchase, we will talk you through the machine in detail covering all areas, such as how to use it and how to maintain it. On a rare occasion there is an underlying problem that only highlights itself when the machine is in use. If this happens - don't worry. Talk to us and we'll get the ball rolling to resolve the problem.