Versatile, land improving, farm machinery for the South West

Väderstad offer an extensive range of tillage, planting and drilling machinery to maximise yields whether it’s cultivation, seedbed preparation or seed placement.



Väderstad have been in the farming industry since the 1960’s; made in Sweden, they produce highly efficient, superb quality machines. Combined with the firstclass customer service and product support, from Masons Kings, together they offer an unrivalled proposition for farmers and contractors across the South West. 

Let our customers tell you…

We’re proud to work with Wayne Simmons and his team from PE Simmons & Son Ltd, based in Cornwall. PE Simmons & Son Ltd purchased a new Väderstad Carrier CR500 disc cultivator earlier this year which has been used primarily for tillage and seedbed preparation.

PE Simmons


The Vaderstad Carrier is extremely versatile and has options available to suit any field condition. Their CR500 is primarily used on their vegetable crops so the following options were added:

  • CrossCutter Knife which is ideal for cutting heavy residue more efficiently for faster decomposition. 
  • CrossCutter Disc with a diameter of 450mm, they work very intensively with a full cut-out at ultra-shallow working depths of 2-3cm. Creating minimal disturbance to the soils structure. 
  • Single SteelRunner with an aggressive packer roller, crushing clods and ensuring even consolidation throughout the working depth.

Since the CR500 arrived on farm earlier this year, the team have worked it hard on their vegetable crops, working 2000 acres so far and already having a great experience in the field. Wayne explained “We’ve been so busy, the cultivator has been out a lot, mainly rejuvenating our cauliflower fields. The CrossCutter Knife cuts the stalks like confetti, it makes light work of the big stalks.”

CrossCutter DiscThe CrossCutter Discs sit behind the optional CrossCutter Knife and aid unrivalled degradation of the stalks which promote improved soil quality. These new generation CrossCutter Discs have been designed to cultivate at ultrashallow depths and perform outstandingly well in a variety of conditions. When comparing to a conventional serrated disc, the CrossCutter Disc has 3 major design features:

  • The width of the CrossCutter Disc profile is 11.5cm, compared to a serrated disc of 5cm. 
  • CrossCutter Discs work at ultra-shallow depths of 2-3cm. 
  • The disc angle is optimised to ensure a full cut-out at Ultra-shallow depths.

The Väderstad Carrier does more in one pass, saving you time, fuel and improving efficiency. Wayne added “the biggest benefits we have seen are a reduction from 4 passes per field to just one with the Carrier. It’s freed up time which is invaluable to get more acres done per day. We’ve also seen improvements with our final crop by taking better care of the soil, working the land less and improving soil quality and the Väderstad Carrier CR500 played a pivotal role in achieving this”


Product Feature:
Tempo TPV8 Maize Drill 

Tempo TPV8This high-speed planter, delivers unmatched precision at double the speed of traditional planters. No-till, min-till or conventional tillage are a breeze for the
Tempo which performs exceptionally in all conditions. Try it for yourself, book a demo.


Product Feature:
NZ Aggressive 600

NZ AgressiveThis multi-tasking seedbed tine harrow provides highly intensive cultivation, saving passes whilst retaining ground moisture. Book a demo to see how its high carrying capacity and constant working depth can benefit you.